what is stereoscopic 3D imaging
Stereoscopic (also called stereoscopic or 3-D imaging) is any technique capable of recording three-dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image. Images in stereoscopic 3D "come alive" and literally float off the screen. In order to create a stereoscopic image a right and left picture is taken of an object and then multiplexed, creating one full depth stereoscopic image

The Use of Eyewear
You may have seen the famous 1950's LIFE magazine picture of the audience with paper anaglyph on viewing a 3D movie in a theater. 3D stereoscopic imaging has come along way since then, but the technology still requires some type of eyewear to view 3D stereoscopic images.

RLDE offers a variety of services including:
--->Polarized Glasses with silver screen - ideal for exhibits, displays and presentations.
--->Polarized Glasses with a LCD panel - ideal for exhibits, displays and presentations.
--->Paper Anaglyph glasses with print images or CRT monitor - a great cost saving alternative and promotional opportunity to view 3D stereo images.




RLDE engineers have been involved in CTRM Excelnet Engineering design and analysis of aero-structure parts for Airbus A380 / Airbus A400M airplane. RLDE engineers already involve in high-tech composite / mechanical parts design / stress analysis including the application of latest CAD / CAE technology (such as using MSC- NASTRAN / PATRAN)

3-d stereoscopic
The Interactive Theatre & Restaurant is an advanced indoor entertainment and educational centre designed especially for shopping malls, family entertainment centre, aquariums, planetariums, museums, theme parks, and other recreational and educational areas. Conceptually, the Theater take the form of a mess-room on a spaceship. The highly realistic images in the 3D environment displayed on an enormous panaromic screen with sorround audio effects, produce the illusion of taking an exciting trip onboard the spacecraft. Most beautiful cities of the world, space and underwater travels, alien planets and the Moon landing, fantasy scenes and prehistoric dinosaurs period.

Film, Video, & Content Production
Central to the products provided by RLDE SB is the film or video content around which an attraction is developed. Today most of this content is produced in full High Definition and very often in 3D. We have exciting and thrilling animated movies with various attractions such as SPACE RIDE / MAZY MINE / FORBIDDEN CASTLE / COSMICPINBALL / BIG BAD BUGS / DRAGON PLANET / ROBOSOLDIER and many more. All our customers can use our extensive library of simulation films.